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March 3, 2017


Certain topics are just and simply taboo in our society. One of them is undoubtedly suicide, as well as death in general. People don’t speak about suicide, they consider it as something frightening and scary, as something, we shouldn’t even think about.

However, for many of us is exactly that a daily topic, such common as chatter about the weather or about the neighbor’s dog for other people. We always think about it, consider it, sometimes even commit it.  Obviously, we would like to speak about our thoughts because they are something so natural and painful at the same time that we just and simply need our feeling to go out, to share them with people, to communicate.

However, that taboo often creates almost insurmountable barrier. When we just intimate that we consider death by our own hand, people become scared, they withdraw or become angry how it is even possible that we think about something so tremendous. Nevertheless. in my opining suicide isn’t anything so weird. It’s something that inseparably belongs to the existence of many people and it shouldn’t be a secret, a forbidden topic, something we can’t speak about.

It’s really interesting that dying of for example cancer is tolerable in our society while dying of depression or other mental disease, in other words killing ourselves, isn’t acceptable at all. What a paradox… In both above mentioned cases a certain disease caused our death. What’s the difference whether the disease is physical or psychical? There’s none in final consequences. The death is presented in both cases. Why does it seem to us intolerable to die of mental disorder?

We would like to mitigate that taboo which surrounds suicide, so we will write, write and again write about that. Dissemination of information is, in my opinion, the almost only way how to fight against stigma and prejudices.

Suicide is going to become a topic we will speak about openly in this blog. Perhaps we will contribute to mitigation of all sorts of prejudges connected with it. Then we may help at least a little in improving the overall state of our society.

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