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March 3, 2017


Dear readers, we’re going to discuss the last but one specific learning disability, dyspinxia.

The word dyspinxia sounds very unfamiliar. However it’s something really simple. Concretely, the word express something like drawing disorder, just and simply problems with drawing or painting. An individual affected by dyspinxia have then troubles drawing. Their pictures are inaccurate, inadequate compared to their overall skills and age. People with this condition usually exhibit wrong grip of the pencil, they have troubles transfer objects which they see to the drawn form, they experience hard time perceiving perspective etc. Also geometrical drawing, coloring books and outlining objects can be problematic. This all is partly caused by poor fine motor skills.

People with dyspinxia have usually unsightly, bad organized handwriting because of that above mentioned impaired fine motor functions.

I myself don’t exhibit any sign of this disorder. In fact, I’m very skillful as far as drawing is concerned. I also promise here that I’ll add few of my pictures to the articles on the blog, if I’ll be able to draw them in a tolerable time. I would also like to share my story with drawing; however, firstly I want to finish our series about specific learning disabilities.

I personally suspect that my sister may suffer from dyspinxia. She has certainly impaired fine motor skills. It’s possible to say that according to her pictures and handwriting in her notebooks. Otherwise I’m really not sure if this disorder runs in my family or not. My grandpa also can’t draw well. However, in my opinion, there’s another reason, dyspraxia, in his case. That’s the disorder we’re going t speak about tomorrow.

Have you always had troubles drawing or painting? Do you have wrong grip of the pencil? Do you know somebody who could have this condition? Share with us your experiences in the comment section below.

Moreover, look forward to the last article of our series about already mentioned dyspraxia which will be published tomorrow!

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