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January 8, 2018

Where is the bottom?

It’s said that if a human touches the bottom, they can bounce from it and rise upwards. But where is the bottom? What if we never reach the lowest point, because there’s nothing like that? It may be always possible to sink even deeper, no matter how deep we are.

I would like to fall to the bottom and then start going up, but instead of it I’m just falling and the bottom is not in sight. Human pain can escalate endlessly, just as joy can be infinitely big. Rage can also acquire infinity dimensions. But any endlessness isn’t so large that we couldn’t find another, even larger, infinity. It was discovered by mathematicians already a long time ago. It’s not actually so complicated.

From this perspective, emotions are just like numbers, they also don’t know any borders or bottoms. They end nowhere; they can endlessly expand and stretch to the infinity. It’s infinitely terrifying. 


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