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March 9, 2017

Visual hypersensitivity

Visual hypersensitivity is one of the many branches belonging under the umbrella of sensory processing disorder. It affects people’s visual procession when the person over-reacts to visual inputs. It’s important to know it doesn’t mean they have just better vision. It has nothing to do with the vision itself. The problem is in the brain and in the interpretation of visual sensations.

There are symptoms you can exhibit if you suffer from visual hypersensitivity.

The key symptom is the over sensitivity to bright lights and/or colors. If we really experience this condition the lights or certain color/colors almost physically hurt us if we look at them. Because of that fact, we can cover or rub our eyes frequently, have them watery, squint or get headaches from the colors or light. Headache can be caused by reading, working on the computer or watching TV as well. It‘s also possible we experience difficulties with eye contact which is very uncomfortable, even painful, for us. We may aren’t able to stand florescent light or sunshine. We prefer dark places and rooms, we often drag drapes and such. We are easily distracted by side visual inputs like sudden movement or lights on the window. Keeping our eyes focused on activity we are doing is then very often very challenging.

If we experience some the above mentioned symptoms, there’s a great chance we have visual hypersensitivity. The world can simply be too bright for us. It’s great to wear sunglasses if we have troubles with lights or colored glasses if we have problem with certain colors. Don’t hesitate to wear them inside as well if you need to. We all have the right to feel comfortable.

I myself don’t suffer from visual hypersensitivity, however, I have experienced this state like a side effect of the antidepressant Zoloft where sertraline is the active substance so I know how much uncomfortable it can be, how your eyes hurt all the time if you experience this since birth. As I said, don’t be ashamed to wear glasses everywhere, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Or society should be adjusted for the needs of all of us.

Do you think you have visual hypersensitivity? Do you know somebody with this condition? Would you like to share your experiences or do you have any questions? Write us in the comment section bellow. As always, we’re here for you!

Colored glasses.

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