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March 10, 2017

Visual hyposensitivity

This article is the next one speaking about certain sensory processing disorder. This time, we are going to write about visual hyposensitivity, the disorder when we are undersensitive towards visual stimuli. It doesn’t mean our sight is worse or something like that. That disorder is all in our brain which doesn’t process sensory inputs properly, just as it was true for visual hypersensitivity.

Let’s look at the symptoms we may experience while living with this condition.

First of all, we aren’t sensitive enough towards light and/or colors. We can see objects darker than they really are or colors can look less vivid in our eyes than they are in reality. We can have a feeling we are living in a darkish world all the time. We can have troubles determining where one object ends and where other one starts. Our central vision may be blurred and peripheral vision clear, or vice versa. We often look at bright lights- trying to supply our body with visual stimuli. As children, we may enjoy looking to the sun or shine with a flashlight into our eyes. We can also move out hands in front of our eyes excessively or gaze at moving objects. When we draw, we use vivid colors. We can for example buy clothes of bright colors as well for ourselves. We simply surround ourselves with these intense colors on purpose. We may struggle with deep perception and hand-eyes' coordination. That can cause us troubles while writing or while trying to catch the ball.

These symptoms indicate that we have visual hyposensitivity. What to do to minimalize our problem? Look at bright lights as much as it’s possible, of course in the safe way to not hurt your eyes. Use vivid colors as much as you want. You can also buy special fast-moving bright objects or make a sensory bottle to satisfy your visual needs. Check the video below to see how your own sensory bottle can be made.

I don’t have any personal experience with visual hyposensitivity. I have just tried to be in a completely dark shelter for a week and I felt how much I need the light. I have experienced sensory deprivation so I know how painful it can be. Don’t hesitate to use sensory toys which you need everywhere.

Have you found yourself in the symptoms above? If so, what are your experiences? Do you have any questions? Write us in the comment section below. And don’t forget, we are always here for you!

This is the video where it's shown how to make your own sensory bottle. Be sure to check it out!

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