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March 1, 2017


We have already become familiar with dyslexia and dysgraphia in the previous articles. Now, let’s provide basic information about another related disorder, dysorthographia.

Dysorthographic people have basically problems with written or spoken spelling and grammar. How does it manifest in real life? People suffering from this condition can omit or duplicate letters in the words, connect 2 or more words together, use nonsensical combinations of the letters, write more slowly, with mistakes in addition, interchange letters like b and d etc. They also experience hard time with grammar in that way that they aren’t able to automatically apply grammar rules while writing. It doesn’t mean at all they don’t know these rules. They just aren’t able to apply them properly. For example, these people know there is y in the word actually, but they still write this letter with i, actualli.

I’m dysorthographic myself and I can relate to almost all symptoms of this disorder. I have mainly problems with grammar, I mean with using grammar in practice. I’m very skillful in the knowledge of grammar rules but I’m not able to use them without extreme concentrating. So, I’m really sorry if I’m making mistakes in these articles on our blog. That’s partly because of my dysorthographia, partly because I’m not a native English speaker. Sometimes it can be challenging to live with this condition, especially at school. However it’s not so severe in my case. Personally, I took it just as one part of me.

Have you found yourself in some of the signs above? Do you know someone with dysorthographia? Was this article anyhow useful? Do you have something to share? If so, write us in the comment section bellow!

Tomorrow, you can look forward to the next article from this group! I’m going to write about dyscalculia this time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question or experience. We’re here, as always, for you!

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