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February 28, 2017

We're afraid of a madman?

In the article Sick or sick I introduced an idea, that I want to relate to, now. How did the difference between a man with a broken arm and a man, who suffers from hallucinations, came to be. And before I start, I'd like to explain that I am not opposing the idea of Monika, about whether we feel sick or not. I just want to look at, how do people react to you telling them, you've been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

What do you imagine when I say the words psychopath, maniak, schizophrenic, or pedophile? I doubt that you've imagined a beautiful prince on a white horse with a bouquet of roses... But, why not? Because, they're people like any others, aren't they? Do they walk? Eat? Sleep?... Yes. The only difference is, their thinking is a little different, then ours... But doesn't make them bad people... Why are these words connected with something negative anyway? Let's look into the past a bit. It started already in prehistory times. People were evolving, and they slowly started thinking more, thinking ahead. And they were trying to understand, why does it rain, what is the lightning, where does it come from? And because, they couldn't find an answer, they were afraid of it. So they came up with gods and worshiped them out of fear, of these things.

Then came the medieval times, let's move on a bit, first states were created and Christianity came to be. The Church's whole existence depended on fear. They controled the masses by frightening them with Hell. And everyone who tried to oppose it, was a heretic. The Church in general did not understand a lots of things, and if there was something, it couldn't explain, it was called witchcrafting. And that helped to frighten the people even more. Beware of him! He's the spawn of satan! He's gonna bewitch you! Curse you! ... So everything that was 'not normal', was either called witchcrating, or heretism.

This lasted for so long! After the Church, kings, kingdoms, monarchies, took over the idea and everywhere you looked at, was some 'norm'. But now, there were more oddballs, that fitted the definition. Among other things - crazy people. And of course, because of that were created mental assylums. There were thousands of failed experiments, while trying to fix them and make them "not crazy". If those poor souls didn't die, they were rid of the bit of sanity they had before being locked there.

And here we're getting to one of the problems, why the mentally ill people have such a bad reputation. It's the mental hospitals, that people think of, when they hear these words. They see shouting people being tied up to beds and sedated. In my opinion, many people associate mentally ill people with mental hospitals from the past, where so many crazy experiments were going on.Of course, as there are some people who feel like this, there are also some people who don't. And if no matter how you explain, the people around you are harming you (emotionaly or physically), there is no reason for you to keep in touch with such people. They are not worth it, trust me.

I've met several people like that, and I found out, that there is no way to fix them. And the best way, to relieve you from your suffering is to ignore them. Find other friends. And if you can't find any, try at least online. I think it's better to be alone then to be with people that hurt you.

If you look online, there are thousands of people that go through the same thing as you do...
There is one song, that really helped me to lighten my mood, when I was sad, and it kinda follows this theme. It's a vocaloid cover, from Jubyphonic.

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