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February 28, 2017


I briefly characterized a disorder called dyslexia in my last article. Today, we will freely continue with another related disorder, dysgraphia.

While dyslectic people have a hard time with connecting sounds to the letters, and then the resulting problem with reading; dysgraphic people have impaired fine motor skills and the certain area in the brain which is responsible for translation of spoken language into written form. In other words, they struggle with writing.
One of the main signs of dysgraphia is simply illegible handwriting. However, some people with this condition can develop cursive writing as well. They also exhibit pure spatial planning on the paper. They struggle with maintaining the line, with writing all the letters of the same size, with not jumping from handwriting to print form etc. They usually write slower than most of the population, they are making mistakes in the text more frequently and, in addition, they have troubles thinking and writing at the same time. They often don’t finish or skip words, parts of words and letters and they can develop poor body position and strange grip of the pencil while writing as well.

I myself don’t have any experiences with dysgraphia because I  nor anybody in my family suffers from this disorder. However, if you’re dysgraphic, you should recognize at least some above mentioned symptoms.

Maybe you have been suffering all your life because you couldn’t write very well. Teachers may have called your name, complaining that your workbooks aren’t nice enough and they didn't give you any opportunities to defend yourself. Perhaps, dysgraphia could be your huge problem.

How many signs do you have? Can you see yourself in any of them? Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comment section below.

Moreover, look forward to the next article from this series, this time about dysorthographia! I’m going to publish that article tomorrow, If you don’t know what does that word stand for, stay with us! We are going to explain everything in the next article.

Also don’t hesitate to contact us any time. We’re here for you!

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