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February 26, 2017

Specific learning disorders

Dear readers, welcome back! As I already mentioned many times, I'm going to write about particular mental health issues to make you familiar with them and to raise awareness in this field.

I decided to follow a certain rule while writing about mental disorders. I'm going to start with those less severe and end up with those most severe ones. And according to this rule, it will be the best to start writing about specific learning disabilities. 

What am I actually talking about? The term specific learning disabilities may sound a bit professional. However the truth is that's something we're in touch every day. Also it's something, most of us are aware of. Concretely, we are speaking about dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthographia, dyscalculia, dyspinxia, dysmusia and dyspraxia.

The cause of these disorders is mostly, from about 90%, genetic. The last 10% contain all sorts of environmental influences. Neither one of them disturb person's overall intellect. All of these conditions just make certain problems in specific areas, for example in reading, writing, singing...  It's quite possible that some of you suffer from one or more of these learning disabilities, you may not know it yet. Each of them can manifest itself in a slight form and cause just minor obstacles. However, it is almost certain that you know somebody with these conditions. The prevalence of these disorders amounts approximately 4 - 10%, which is, I guess, relatively big number which we can't omit.

Are you familiar with the specific learning disabilities well, or do you need some extra information? Do you understand all the terms I've used above? Do you think you may suffer from some kind of learning disabilities, but you're not sure which one it is? Are you not sure you really have one of these disorders? Do you know somebody who has, according to you, for instance dysgraphia or dyscalculia?

If your answer, to any of these questions, is yes, then stay tuned! We are going to gradually explain each specific learning disability itself.

Look forward to the article about dyslexia tomorrow!

Do you have any questions? Is there any ambiguity which you need to be explained? Would you like to share your own experiences with specific learning disabilities? If so, write us is in the comment section below. We're here for you!

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