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February 26, 2017

Classification of mental disorders

Dear readers, welcome here again.

I’ve promised in my last article called Diagnosis that I’ll start with a brief explanation of certain concrete mental health problems. However, just before that I consider as important to make you familiar at least with the basics of psychological classification and with division of all sorts of mental disorders and diseases. I'm going to explain what neurosis and psychosis mean. We’re also going to look at basic differences between these two, to make it clearer for you. Moreover, you can see on the picture below which types of mental disorders you can actually suffer from.

Let’s start with the difference between neurosis and psychosis. Simply said, neurosis is classified as that disorder in which we are fully aware of the fact that we are ill. Plain and simple, person with neurosis has something like a preview of their illness. On the other hand, we lose that preview during psychosis. We are unaware of the reality or we perceive the realty in somehow deformed way. In contrary of neurosis which can be marked as fairly common, psychosis is much rarer. It’s also more severe in most of the cases.

Look at the picture placed below under the text. It shows which illnesses and disorders belong under the umbrella of neurosis, which ones under the umbrella of psychosis and how these disorder are divided further.

Moreover, look forward to the next article, this time about one of the concrete disorders, just as I promised!

Do you have any questions? Would you like to share your opinion with us? Have you bumped into mistakes or uncertainties? Do you need some extra explanation? Don’t hesitate and write us to the comment section below! We’re here just for you.

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