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May 14, 2017

Back from a psych ward!

Hello, dear readers.

I’m back. I’m coming again to our blog after about one and half month lasting inactivity. As you already know from my great friend and co-author of this blog Christyna, I spent few last weeks in a psych word in our capital, Prague. Doctors were trying to help me managing the symptoms of my mental illness there. I received a diagnosis and meds which should keep my mood in a normal range. As far as my diagnosis is concerned, I actually haven’t received it for 100% after all, but we will discuss all this issue later. However, I finally left the hospital against the will of doctors even though they were doing their best to help me. There’re few reasons for it. Look forward to one of my future articles where I’ll be sharing these reasons with you.

Since now, I’m going to add articles on this blog again. I’m going to go on in writing the series or educational articles about mental illnesses, disorder and conditions. I would also like to share my experiences form psych words in my future blog posts. I’ll try to give you insight to how it’s like to be locked in the psychiatry in the Czech Republic. I’m planning to speak about my experiences from hospital in Prague and Brno, compare these two facilities and describe pros and cons of both of them. Finally, I would like to answer very important question. Is hospitalization, concretely in my country, useful for mentally ill people?

I hope I’ll be able to post the articles regularly and frequently. Do you have any questions or notes? Would you like an article on a certain topic? Write as in the comment section bellow. After all, we’re here for you!

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