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March 17, 2017

Olfactory hypersensitivity

Today we are going to talk about another sensory processing disorder called olfactory hypersensitivity. This condition affects our smell. We are simply over sensitive to sundry smells because our brain doesn’t process olfactory inputs (in other words inputs coming from our smell cells) correctly.

Let’s look at symptoms of this disorder to make it clearer.

It has to be mentioned again that we are simply too much sensitive to smells. The world around seems to us full of strange and unpleasant odors which literally overwhelm us. Smells can cause us significant distress and make us to avoid certain places. For example, we can’t use a public transport or visit restaurants because of unpleasant odors at all. We often notice such smells that others aren’t even aware of. Certain olfactory inputs can make us even physically sick, for example strong perfumes or certain foods. Then we may refuse to eat food with for us unpleasant smell. We can be bothered by cooking or household smells as well as by bathroom odors. Sometimes, especially like kids, we decide who we will spend time with according to how they smell. We also choose our favorite places on the basis of olfactory stimuli which we perceive there.  We usually frequently wash ourselves because we can’t stand a perspiration odor. Than we require the same thing from everybody else around.

If you found out yourself in many of above written signs then you’re probably hypersensitive to smell. There are few strategies how to deal with this condition. Find out which smells are pleasant for us and use them to block out unpleasant olfactory inputs. You can also made or buy smelly necklace. Just create small shape with clay, add a hole for string and wait until it’s dry. Then add few drops of an essential oil which you like the most. You can wear this little tool and smell it whenever you’re starting to be sick from unpleasant odors around. Also avoid certain places which are really uncomfortable for us in the case it’s possible.

I have never experienced olfactory hypersensitivity. Even though I completely understand that it can be very challenging sometime. Use our coping strategies to reduce your problem every time!

Do you suspect you can have this condition? What are your symptoms? Do you want to ask some questions? Write us in the comment section bellow. Don’t forget, we are here for you!

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