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March 23, 2017

Gustatory hyposensitivity

Gustatory hyposensitivity is a form of sensory processing disorder characterized by being less sensitive towards tastes. In the case we have this condition, our brain processes, sorts and prioritizes information from our taste cells differently, in an inappropriate way. Then we have a number of problems associated with it.

Let’s look at the main symptoms of this disorder to make the all concept clearer.

First of all, we are simple under sensitive to taste, or in other words to gustatory inputs. Therefore we constantly feel like we don’t have enough taste in out mouth. Then we usually prefer strong flavors of the food with marker sour, salty, sweet or spicy taste. We still have an urge to add more and more seasoning on our food as well. We are basically able to eat anything. There usually aren’t foods which we would strongly dislike or which would make us sick. We just feel the need for strong gustatory inputs so we are most satisfied with above mentioned marked flavors. We may like toothpaste or mouthwash very much as well, depending on its concrete taste. As kids, we lick, taste or chew many different objects for a long time. We can put our hair or fingers into our mouth even when we all older. That’s all because we are trying to gain taste stimulation which we constantly miss.

So, these are signs indication we may have gustatory hypersensitivity. If many of them seems to be true for you, then you probably suffer from this disorder. Let’s introduce a few coping strategies we can use to minimalize our problems. Always choose that food which provides us with needed sensory stimulation. However, make sure we are eating healthy. Try to reduce strongly unhealthy foods even though they have strong taste. You can also chew a chewing gum frequently or suck a candy, the healthy on if it’s possible. Try to avoid sucking your fingers or hair and use here mentioned candy instead.

I myself don’t suffer from this disorder so I can’t provide any personal experiences. However it’s clear this condition can be very distressing sometimes. Always use your own set of coping strategies to make yourself feeling better on a daily basis!

Do you suspect you might have this disorder? Do you want to share your story or ask some questions? Write us in the comment section bellow. Don’t forget, we’re here for you!

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